Summer Speed workout Tuesday 7/2 at 6:30 PM at Stewart Park

We’re going to try another paired workout this week, sort of like the Ridiculous Relay, but with I-pace running rather than R-pace speed and no implied competition. After 10 minutes of warmup jogging, everyone will regroup at the entrance to the Bird Sanctuary. (Unless there’s still a tree down in there, as someone suggested, at which point we’ll use a different loop.) I’ll create fast/slow pairs of runners as I do with the Ridiculous Relay.

The faster half of the group will take off clockwise, and the slower group will take off counterclockwise. When each pair of runners meets, both runners turn around and jog at a recovery pace back to the start. Once both people are back, they’ll start again in their original directions. We’ll aim for 6–8 reps total.

All are welcome, though you should be running enough that a distance of 3–4 miles isn’t problematic. The only requirements are that you must be an FLRC member and sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver once for 2024.


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