Sunday Skunkday Group Runs Return! Meet 3/6 at 8:30 AM in front of Barton Hall

As promised, I’m bringing back the Sunday Skunkday runs in March for those who want some company for long runs and would like to preview the Skunk Cabbage courses (please sign up soon to help @vinny-cappadora’s and @nichole-cappadora’s race planning!).

Meet at the front doors of Barton Hall (facing Teagle Hall, where the Skunk 10K starts) at 8:30 AM on Sunday, March 6th. We’ll split up into rough pace and distance groups and then run the Skunk course, more or less. You can go as long or short as you want. (My recovery plan limits me to 4 miles.) Please register in the poll below so others can see they’ll have company, and if you haven’t done so already in 2022, please sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver.

  • Sub-8:00-minute pace
  • 8:00-10:00-minute pace
  • 10:00-12:00-minute pace
  • 12:00-up-minute pace
  • Hiking pace

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There’s plenty of free (on Sunday) parking in the Crescent Lot east of Schoellkopf Stadium, which will be the Skunk race headquarters this year, or in Cornell’s parking garage.

Any questions, just ask. See you Sunday!

Do you know if Barton or Teagle will be open for changing, bathrooms?

Will this group be running the full 13 distance or will some be covering 10k?


I don’t know, and I certainly wouldn’t want to promise it. However, given that the semester is in full swing, it seems likely that various Cornell buildings would be open. If you were to want to check on your own, I’d suggest that you should make sure to mask up to meet Cornell guidelines.

I’m only organizing the start—how far different people want to go is up to them. :slight_smile: As I noted, I can only run 4 miles, so I’ll probably go out to Game Farm and turn on the farm road just before the woods. I imagine Tonya will be running somewhere in the 2-3 miles too. But I’m sure that people like @gplwoo and maybe @Bwalters would be up for the full distance, if they’re coming.

I would have added this to the poll, but it seemed too complicated to mix pace and distance. Feel free to agitate here for people to join you for the full half if that’s your goal!

I’m planning to go and run the whole 1/2 marathon course. I bet @gvanloon will be there too and planning to run the whole thing plus more.


I’m coming back from surgery, so although I have my eye on Thom B., I’m not training for Skunk. In fact, 4 miles is a good-sized long run for me. Even so, I’ll be at the group run, starting with everyone else and doing the first approximately 2 miles of the course. I’ll be running straight on Game Farm to East Hill Recway and returning via the recway. (Because a loop is better than a line…) My current pace is 11 minute miles (or so) and I would be delighted to have company either just on the way out or for the entire loop. I might need to walk a little near the end. @caroline-brockner said she might join me, and the more the merrier!

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Bartels will likely be open as Cornell’s NCAA wrestling qualifier has a session there starting at 10.

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Is anyone planning to run the entire course at a 10 -10:30 pace. I want to get in a full half marathon distance.

beware that parking might be an issue this weekend. Big wrestling tournament or something going on. I was warned that parking could be an issue as I work in Bartels.

I may join you if I am not too tired from the race I just finished in Syracuse today.

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I checked out the wrestling meet and I think we’ll be okay since it looks like they don’t start until 10 or 11. Fingers crossed that spectators won’t be showing up that early before the meet!

Talk about a lovely run—25+ people doing a wide variety of distances and paces and absolutely glorious weather. Hope to see everyone again next week!

And after getting feedback from several people, we’ll be keeping the pace poll at 1-minute intervals instead of 2. It’s just to give a sense that there will be people at your pace, not something you have to commit to.