The Final Week of the Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Begins Sunday, 12/27

Got 5 more items on my second attempt, bringing my total to 24.
Sunrise (20). Bit gloomy today.

A friend (21) in a Santa hat (22). Begrudgingly.

Mismatched socks (23) and tracks in the snow (24). I am going to guess they are fox tracks.


Last week I saw migrating geese in the sky above the northern desert. This week, back in the city, all I can find is…goosebumps.

Turkey in 3 preps.

Hat hot off the needles, knitted from my hand spun merino.

Go, FLRC!!

Just one more to go…


One more run and I got everything but the menorah.
Cows (25) and chickens (26). Ok, so maybe they are roosters…

An icy angel (27).

Some turkey (28) pot pie as fuel (29) after my run.

And a bell!


Right, efforts from the first half of the week…

Pre-run mismatched socks (1):

Running in a different hat than last time (2), with a speed limit sign (3):

Boxes (4)!

A creek (5):

A trail marker (6) halfway up a hill (7):

An outdoor decorated tree (8) - in the Charlie Brown fashion!

Three dog statues (9), wearing Santa hats (10):

A decorated mailbox (11) - this was going to count as my deer picture, but I then took the very grainy picture coming up…

Grainy deer at dusk! (12)

Holiday lights (13):

A wreath (14) and some bells (15):

Fueling my run (16) with some corn (popped) (17):

An ex-pumpkin (18):

Will try and get some more before the deadline! :smiley:


Thank you! He’s a cutie for sure.

There’s no way I can compete with such dedication and creativity. But when in doubt, read the rules very, very carefully. :slight_smile:

We’ll see just how far a batch of peanut butter cookies gets me!

Hope you like them, @heathercobb3, and thanks for organizing all this!


Here are my photos for the final week, all from one run. I didn’t quite find them all.


Here we go! I didn’t get all of them, but how fun the bonanza was! (Thanks @dhm.hackett for the fantastic word!)

Neighbor’s mailbox - more of my favorite bird!

Discarded pumpkins in the ditch.

No “true” speed limit signs on my road, and I didn’t have time to go elsewhere, so here’s a “suggested” speed limit sign.

I think this young cow was loose.

Turkey written on the sign.

Kit Kat fueling.

I realized today that this is my only piece of FLRC logo/apparel! Gonna have to change that.


Outdoor holiday lights.

Deer and an outdoor decorated tree. I had a worse picture of a tree, until I looked at this and realized this also includes one!


Mismatched socks. Didn’t realize until I took the pic that they were the same as last time, whoops!

Flag - I think this might be a private family cemetery.

Weird giraffe statue made out of wood. Another flag in the background.

Snowmobile TRAIL signs.


Neighbor’s garbage can.

Run in a hat and a creek.


Last one! Holiday lights!

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Hi all…here are my contributions for this week. First, my favorite bell, which is this one above the pond at the Cornell arboretum. Second, a (rein)deer in front of a decorated tree on Ellis Hollow Creek Road.

I hope we can do this again. It has been more challenging than you might expect for me to participate for various reasons, but a good challenge. And it has really made me smile to see what people come up with.

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Last lot! The only thing I really couldn’t find was a menorah, but I had so much fun anyway! Thanks again for organising it @heathercobb3 - it has been fun on the runs and great fun seeing everyone’s photos.

Sunset (19):

A turkey (20) - still no joy with wild ones for me, so this time I present the low-tech bird ID option, courtesy of Nat Geo’s ‘Field Guide to the Birds of North America’:

Running with a friend (21) - the same friend as last time, but this time mid-stride:

And here she is again, modeling her exclusive FLRC dog fleece (22):

Flag (23) by the firehouse:

A chicken house, that I went past several times, but the chickens were not fans of the weather so were staying inside… (24 - maybe):

Trio of bins (25):

Cow! (26)

Traffic lights (27):

Geese (28):

Dog paw-and-bum-and-tail print… (29):

Attempting to make a grass angel after failing to remember the snow angel before the rain came… (30)


And that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who participated in any capacity for my first virtual event! I had a ton of fun, and I hope we can hold these in the future, maybe during a different time of the year so we can find other unique items.

Out of the 12 participants for the final week, 3 of you were able to find all 31 items! Wowza! And 10 found the special bonus of the bell. You are all amazing scavengers, but the below 3 come out on top for week 6:


This week’s “race director’s choice” is going to @apacheck for the fun tour of Lights on the Lake! Special shout out to @sryan004 for all the great pics of his running companion.

The above participants will have their names entered into the drawing - stay tuned for the winner announcement, which will e linked here once it is posted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.

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