The Final Week of the Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Begins Sunday, 12/27

The fifth week of FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt is almost over! Be sure you post your items by Saturday - winners will be announced on Sunday.

The final week of the hunt begins Sunday, 12/27, and runs through the end of the year, 12/31. It’s a shortened week, so why not go out with a bang: all previous items from the hunt are now up for grabs! That means you have 30 items (and one bonus item) to try and find in the last 5 days of the hunt. For an added challenge, try finding the items in different places than you did before.

Now, I have a hard time remembering just 6 items - and I came up with them! - so I made a picture you can save to your phone to reference when out on your adventures.

*If you’re running in a part of the country where it doesn’t snow, 1) we’re jealous, and 2) make a grass or sand angel instead!

(Find out more about Ōmisoka.)

Once you find your item, take a selfie or picture and post it on this thread. For every item that you post, you get one point. The runner(s) with the most points will be entered into the swag drawing at the end of the event. Remember that the race director (that’s me!) can award extra points based on particularly creative or artistic photos, or those that get lots of “likes” here on the forum. (The race director also has a soft spot for cookies, but you didn’t hear that from me…)

Happy hunting!

ok. Today on my run I kicked it off and acquired 8 items.

This picture has my running friend Katie, a wreath, we ran in hats, there is a Santa hat on the statue next to Katie. (it was white so light was bouncing off it) IT’S a 5 fer! my new record for one shot! And if the phone camera had been wider I could have included the holiday lights above our head.

Chickens. They said bonjour as we passed by.

OK. Buffalo are a bovine creature. Cousin to a cow. And these are statues AND there is a Santa hat on one!


oh, one more. An outdoor decorated tree. That makes nine items today! I miscounted when I said 8.

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Okay, here goes. My husband Jamie and I had quite an adventure this morning trying to find as many items as we could in a single run. Cornell is a veritable treasure trove of scavenged finds.
I believe I have 8 items just in the below photo: (1) a running mate, Jamie, wearing (2) a Santa hat and standing in front of (3) a sculpture with (4) a body of water in the background - its Beebe Lake. I am (5) wearing a hat which is from the Skunk Cabbage race and so I hope qualifies as (6) FLRC apparel. I am also wearing earrings made of (7) bells, which jiggled during the entire run. Finally, please note my (8) mismatched mittens. Phew!!!

Here is (9) a speed limit sign

This photo has three small (10) pumpkins, (11) an outdoor decorated tree, and (12) a deer:

This is a Beebe Lake (13) trail sign

And here is Libe Slope, quite a (14) hill we ran up

Somebody forgot to bring in their (15) recycling cans

(16) A traffic light

(17) A wreath (or two)

(18) Geese

(19) A mailbox

(20) Ezra Cornell’s footprints

This is Uris Hall, apparently know by some ancient Cornellians, or so says my husband, as “the Old Rusty (21) Box”. I hope I get extra points for having found the biggest box :-).

Cornell Dairy again came through with (22) cows, this time on their truck:

Here is (23) a flag in front of the BELL tower (though I already used my earrings as my bells)

This is me either exhausted after such an exhilarating scavenger hunt, or making (24) a snow angel

Finally some post run (25) fuel - we deserve it!

As if that wasn’t enough for one day I snapped these photos on an afternoon walk:
(26) Sunset

(27) Holiday lights

I am still missing a second chicken, turkey, menorah and corn. We did run by the Cornell Jewish center at the intersection of University Ave, Willard Way and Lake St (fun fact - this house was Jamie’s childhood home) but sadly the huge menorah there must have just been taken down. I offer this awesome find in its place, though to be honest it was taken during my run on Dec. 11:


Impressive! And I thought @Sandy had gotten a lot of items into one photo. :slight_smile:

Wow. That is awesome Caitlin, an eightfer! I had trouble getting more because of how much could fit in the camera lens at once. I will have to see if I can meet the challenge for more.

Ok, here goes. Got 19 items on my first attempt.
Speed limit sign (1).

A very sad looking pumpkin (2).

Outdoor decorated trees (3)!!!

Trail sign (4). The scale model planet trail starts at the planetarium and ends at the far side of SUNY Cortland campus.

FLRC logo (5), hat (6) and fire breathing dragon sculpture (7). Very cool when he is in action.

Flag (8) and trash/recycling cans (9) outside campus police headquarters.

Garden boxes (10) at the campus children’s garden.

Holiday lights (11) and wreaths (12) at the waterworks.

Also deer (13) by the pond (14),

a goose (15),

and some leftover feed corn (16).

Hill (17) with a traffic light at the bottom (18).

And a mailbox (19).


@caitlin-loehr I am so glad you posted a picture of the menorah on the car - it drove past me a couple of weeks ago when I was walking the dog, and when I told my husband he didn’t believe me!


I went for a 4 mile hike yesterday through my neighborhood to see how many of the items I could bag off the big list. I didn’t top Caitlin’s number of items in one picture. But I did go with a theme, how many selfies can I take with a pumpkin facemask. My favorite pic might be the last one. I had finished my hike and headed straight for the kitchen to refuel. I found leftover corn in the fridge. I was excited that I beat my son Casey out for a leftover vegetable and started shoveling it in. Then I realized I was REFUELING a hike with CORN and I didn’t stage this! it was real! (no kidding, we really do refuel this way at our house) I got a total of 19 items including the bell on my hike.
ugly pumkin in a tree

trail sign
body of water (frozen)
Bells for a bonus!
speed limit sign
traffic light
mailbox - large mouth bass
Boxes in Recycle Bin
Snow angel with footprints on the side
Refueling a hike with corn


Julie I love your pumpkin!

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I’m so impressed with the people who were able to get so many items in one shot!!! Also, @caitlin-loehr should get major extra points for her biggest box!

I managed to get everything, though I wished I could have found a real turkey and a menorah. But, in the absence of that, the turkey menorah kind of made up for that, haha!

A very blurry chicken!

Hill on Coddington Road - hitting it a second time on my way back home

Not sure what kind of tracks these were!

House with a wreath!

Yummy fuel during my run in front of a mailbox!

I wish I had gotten more of a closeup on these cows. They are so adorable and have long shaggy fur. Check them out on Coddington Rd. just south of Banks road

This was the first pumpkin I saw and I couldn’t believe how many others were still out and about later in the week that I spotted!

a traffic light!

an outdoor decorated tree with holiday lights!


speed limit sign

FLRC hat and improvised tiny santa hat standing in front of a trash can

Creative corn spotting!

Wearing my mismatched gloves - it took me a minute to figure out how to take a picture of this - I had to use my phone camera timer!

A box - apparently a once-heavy one!

Hard to see flag

Frozen body of water!

Bells on a hat!

This deer was the best I could do. I actually did see some deer but didn’t get my phone in position quickly enough to catch them.

Making a snow angel

Came across these pumpkins today on Chase Lane and couldn’t resist taking a photo even though I already had my other pumpkin photo

My buddy - he doesn’t run with me, but he’ll do short walks

A trail marker!

A goose! I actually heard real geese this afternoon but couldn’t find them to snap a photo!

I would never had thought of combining turkeys and menorahs but there you go!

These statues on Giles Street are so fun!!


Messed up my side somehow, so only going for walks. There’s my 1. walking buddy for today.(Thor is such a handsome pupper, he photographs well!) :slight_smile: I’ve also got my 2. eagles hat.

  1. Recycle Bin. Recycling is good folks!

  2. Mail box. I saw a cool checkered one today, but couldn’t get a picture of it. This will have to do.

  3. The flag and 6. Holiday lights
    A very determined look on my face!


Got 22 while running through Lights on the Lake!
1.) Speed Limit Sign

2.) Pumpkin

3, 24, 28) Outdoor decorated tree (there are lights on there, but hard to see in the picture) + Run in a hat + Santa hat

5.) Turkey (a bit hard to see, but it’s there)

6.) Trail marker

7, 17) FLRC Logo + Mismatched socks

8, 20) Holiday lights + Body of water

11.) Run with friend

13.) Garbage can and recycling can

15.) Menorah

16.) Cow

18.) Traffic light

21.) Miniature snowman I made

22, 26) Geese + Footprints

27.) Snow angel

30.) (Jack in the) Box

31.) Bell


Love the Thor photo!

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I believe the female buffaloes are in fact called cows, so you are spot on.
And original

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Once again, you’ve gotten me running where I usually don’t: through the village of Spencer. My only missing items were from week 1, when I was injured, plus the menorah. So here forthwith:
speed limit
Speed limit sign. Doh!

Pumpkins a bit worse for wear

You’re going to have to believe that there are bells in this belfry, a whole carillon of them, and they play songs every day at noon too.

trail marker
Trail marker

decorated tree
A decorated tree (with another Wayne Myers sculpture behind it.

I hated to do this, but I looked everywhere for some of the hundreds of wild turkeys we have living around here; everywhere, that is, but their refuge where ever they’re hiding.

I lucked out here. You didn’t specify a lovely picture of a spectacular sunset. This is the best you get at the bottom of a valley surrounded by hills.
Still no menorah though. Maybe I can make one & post tomorrow

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Here are my last three items for a total of 31! Got em all and no repeats from weeks 1-5. Done and Done! I had to take the shirt and socks photos before stepping out the door because it is too cold in WI to go out without layers upon layers. So they were covered up on the run.
FLRC race shirt

mismatched socks. They are mismatched in style, height, and accent colors that can’t all be seen even tho both are mostly black. plus, One is techically FLRC related as it is a Hartshorn sock
The last and hardest to find was a Menorah. They are not out in windows anymore. But my neighbor Donna came to the door with one as I took an evening hike by her house. That’s what friends are for!


Yes! That’s right they are called cows. Thanks Deb

We’re in lockdown again so I can’t stray far from home. Some of these are a stretch but it’s been a blast.
Speed sign


Decorated tree

Trail sign


By law we can’t be out with a friend, so I had to make friends with this guy, who is even slower than me!

Hill (stairs, actually) in the Wohl Rose Garden

Trash can

Fuel? It’s so arid here, keeping hydrated is a challenge.

Easy one here!

City cows


Odd socks

Traffic signal with bonus light rail

Wreath, handmade, literally.

Body of water. Small one, like me.





Subtle grass angel

Santa in his hat


Boxes (and check out the flying trash bag)

Does a rooster count? (only to 10, Mudhead)

Peace bell