Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 5 begins Sunday, 12/20

The fourth week of FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt has been awesome. You guys are finding some of these items in very inventive ways, and I am very impressed. Be sure you post your items by Saturday - winners will be announced on Sunday.

Week 5 begins Sunday—one week left! From Sunday to Saturday (12/20 – 12/26), find as many of these items as you can while out on your walk, run, or hike.

  1. Deer
  2. Footprints (human, animal)
  3. Make a snow angel during your run*
  4. Santa hat (Merry Christmas!)
  5. Corn (Happy Kwanzaa!)
  6. A box (Happy Boxing Day!) What’s the biggest box you can find?

*If you’re running in a part of the country where it doesn’t snow, 1) we’re jealous, and 2) make a grass or sand angel instead!

Once you find your item, take a selfie or picture and post it on this thread. Remember, for every item that you post, you get one point. The runner(s) with the most points will be entered into the swag drawing at the end of the event. And, while 6 might seem to be the weekly high score, remember that the race director (that’s me!) can award extra points based on particularly creative or artistic photos, or those that get lots of “likes” here on the forum. (The race director also has a soft spot for cookies, but you didn’t hear that from me…)

Deer track. Tons of them in the fields where I run.

Snow angel!

This Santa statue has a Santa hat on!



This was a week that required some creativity (and delegation!). I couldn’t break my streak though, so I had to make sure I got everything!!!

Snow angel was a bit hard to see in the photo, but luckily I also snapped a photo of my adorable 5-year-old Nick while he was making it. It was so sweet - I was telling my kids I had to make my snow angel and didn’t sound super excited about it and Nick offered to do it.

I had NO idea where I was going to find corn so I had to raid my pantry. I was looking for the deer statues/decorations I took pictures of last week, but could not find them anywhere! Fortunately, I found another set of deer decorations on my road when I was tacking a few extra miles onto my long run.


Two deer options (to see the real deer, which is out the backdoor, it’ll help to zoom in):

A Joseph-in-the-box (Mary is hiding at his left):

I’ve been seeing these corn kernels along the roadside for a very long time and never expected to have a use for them, so thanks, Heather!:

My snow angel wearing my Santa hat:

My snowshoe footprints; winter woods at night are so peaceful:


I got a complement for my hat! and that reindeer sure looks like Max from the Grinch’s sleigh. Corn was a challenge and then I found the mural in downtown Ithaca.


We have Deer/Footprints; Santa Hat/Deer; Corn Stalk; Dog Angel; Important dog box


A 2.5’er? Deer tracks in the snow in a corn field?

Did find some deer decorations and few stragglers of corn (above my head) later on.

Recycling day so went for quantity not quality. Lots of boxes on the street.

Dino in a Santa hat!

“Why you laying in the snow hooman?”


Possible two-fer - popcorn box

Deer in my yard

Footprints (some possibly Nancy Kleinrock’s) in the woods


Doggo paw prints!! :slight_smile:

A nice box doing box things



If you expand this, right by the fence you can see a gazelle. Last week I was within 20 ft of one, but this week not so lucky.


No snow, sand or grass - how about a wall angel?


Barefoot and the polar opposite

Snowshoe Angel

I missed the shot of the massive box the delivery guys were taking into the house, but these were still pretty big.


Since Spring I’ve been watching a mama deer with her two fawns that hang out around Beebe Lake. This week I just saw one of the nearly grown fawns.

Tracking the deer around Beebe Lake

I took this one for the team. Brrrrr!


A Corn field in winter:

Some cracked corn in birdseed - in case my cornfield is actually a wheat field…

Big box on porch, taken from the street so as not to be too creepy:


I wonder what is in that big box?

These two pix taken trying to cross county ski after that BIG snow. At 26" it was really too deep for that.

Plenty of critters visiting the pond’s edge looking for water.

It was really really hard making a snow angel in the deep heavy snow, hard to get a picture of it, and hard to get upright again


The big box containing the squat rack I ordered. Post-holiday project: getting it set up to further develop my home gym.
big box

I wore the hat running on the side road, & was lucky to encounter my neighbor, who snapped the pic.

This is what you meant by “corn,” right? I always take at least one with me whenever I run.

I offer here 3 different types of deer pix. The live Odocoileus virginianus were hanging out in their cold-weather hideaways. Who can blame them?

Standard deer decoration

My deer friend, bringing us some of their homemade cinnamon bread.

Some venison harvested by my neighbor, another holiday offering. It’s the only meat I can stand eating, so I appreciate the gift, both from the neighbor and from the deer.


Corn field with just stalks left.

Live deer ran across the road in front of me on Tuesday but I wasn’t quick enough to get a pic. But here’s a “buck”!

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A poor effort from me this week - two birthdays and Christmas got in the way rather… However, I can offer raccoon footprints, and some deer who joined me on my morning run in the snow:

I shall have to make amends with the week 6 bonanza!

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