Tuesday workouts moving to Stewart Park for Summer Speed on 4/30 at 6:30 PM

After the last few warm Tuesdays, the consensus has been that it’s time to move our evening workouts out of Barton Hall. Summer Speed it is, with a new location of Stewart Park and a new warmup start time of 6:30 PM. We’ll meet at the bocce pits near the big pavilion—there’s lots of nearby parking.

As always, all are welcome, though you should be running enough that a distance of 3–4 miles isn’t problematic. The only requirements are that you must be an FLRC member and sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver once for 2024.

Because of the Ithaca Youth Bureau track program, we’re pausing our little kid workouts until we’re back in Barton in November. Big thanks to Kate McCormick for making them happen and to Lizzy Rayle for being Kate’s backup!

This week’s workout will be kilometer repeats in the Bird Sanctuary trails. We’ll run hard counter-clockwise from the starting point (directly south of our meeting point) toward the bridges, take a left to stay on the Bird Sanctuary trails (not crossing the bridges), and then hard to the intersection point near Ithaca High School. Then you’ll regroup and jog the remaining .35 miles back to the start, before doing it again. Most people should be doing at least three reps; those with 30+ miles of weekly mileage should do four or five. The pace for the fast bits should be T pace, so about 10K race pace effort (though it will be slower due to the surface).

For those who haven’t come before, here’s how the workouts go:

  • 6:15–6:30: Arrive, change, mill around, chat with your friends.
  • 6:30–6:40: We do a lunge matrix and set of leg swings to start the warmup.
  • 6:40–6:50: 10 minutes of jogging for the rest of the warmup.
  • 6:50–whenever: Meet at the starting point to go over the workout, break into pace groups, and run the workout. When you finish the workout, move into 10 minutes of jogging to cool down.
  • ~7:45: Reassemble as a group to do strength and mobility exercises. A towel or yoga mat can be helpful if the ground is wet or uncomfortable.
  • ~8:00: Chat with your friends, get changed, make dinner plans

See you Tuesday!


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