Week #12 Recap

We’re three months into the FLRC Challenge, and the Black Diamond Trail has taken over as the course with the most distance run, hitting 100 runs and 1000 miles today with significant help from Amy Dawson, Aaron King, and Heather Cobb, all of whom have run it eight times.

Needless to say, the 1-mile East Hill Rec Way course has the most runs, with 371, but it was both the first course open and is easily run two (too many to count), three (Liz Kluz, Ved Gund, Bob Walters, Karen Ingall, Alex Drazic, Gabrielle Woo, Sean Nicholson, Bill Watson, and Adam Engst), or four (Adam Pacheck, Amanda King, and Steve Desmond) times. As far as I can tell, no one’s done it five times in a row, which would require five return trips as well, but the year is yet young!

In other course news this week, Forest Frolic got two new leaders. Ved Gund rocketed to the top of the standings with a 1:12:29 to take the lead from Klaas Van Wijk, and Margaret Frank recorded a 1:23:00 to take over from Gabrielle Woo. And speaking of Gabby, she (with her dog Sam) was also the first person to double the FLRC Challenge, running each course at least twice so far. Bob Walters could do that soon too, since Forest Frolic is the only course he hasn’t run twice. Also, joining Margaret Frank on the leaderboard for the first time this week were Sarah Giesy and Gail Tremblay—welcome!

If you’re looking for company on your first attempt at the Thom B. course, don’t miss tomorrow’s group run at 8:30 AM. There should be someone at a pace that works for you, but if you’re new to those trails, be sure to bring a smartphone or Apple Watch with the Thom B. RunGo directions, just in case you get separated. And if you like the course, sign up for the in-person race on May 22nd!

Finally, in the FLRC Kids Challenge (it’s never too late to sign up your kid!), Aiden L., Arya B., Hannah S., and Lea T. have also hit the 25-mile mark, and 8-year-old Toby K. continues his blistering pace to be the first to exceed 50 miles. Congrats to all the kids who are getting out and running regularly!

As always, please share any stories or photos from your runs in the last week—just reply to this post. See you out on the courses in the glorious weather coming this week!

Toby at the Guthrie Gallop in Sayre this morning, his first 5K road race (33:55).

Looks like @Daniel_Kalinowski just did 6 this morning!

Hey, great to see Toby enjoying his running so much! And if he keeps it up and decides he wants to run competitively in high school, those miles will serve him well in conditioning and injury prevention.

Talk about upping the ante—way to go, @Daniel_Kalinowski!

Thanks, I was going to run the Skunk Cabbage route for my long run, but then I saw the recap, so I figured 12 miles is good too and it was a beautifully cool morning for it!

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OK @heathercobb3, tell everyone what you did on Saturday. Hint: :running_woman: :running_woman: :running_woman: :running_woman: :running_woman:

:joy: I had one final long run in my training for my 50k in 2 weeks, so I hit up 5 efforts on 4 courses yesterday: group run at Thom B. (thanks to @holly-folsom for keeping me company while I “swept” haha), 2 efforts at Waterfront, 1 at Black Diamond, and 1 at East Hill Rec Way for a total of 27 mile (27th mile was coming back to my car).

I still had my car set up for car camping during vacation last week so I took a 2 hour nap at Cass Park between Waterfront and Black Diamond, which fueled me for the second half of the run.

I’m feeling prepared for my 50k!


Great job Heather! Do you feel ready for a continuous 31 miles? What 50k are you running?

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Thanks Pete! Yes, I did 40 miles for my birthday in October with very little ultra training and was fine up through mile 30, so with the training I’ve been doing, I think I’m ready. I’m doing the Ten Junk Miles Sugar Badger in Wisconsin. I’m hoping to snag DFL. :joy:

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Way to go Heather! Yes, it seems you’re primed and ready for the Sugar Badger!

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Nice! I’m sure you’ll have no problem there when your in good company. I still gotta listen to your gang show episode, btw.

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Thanks Charlie!

Oh boy, Pete, that’s going to be interesting. Enjoy! I listened to the podcast you were on a few weeks ago, and it was neat to hear about all the local races. Great interview!

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