Week #25 Recap

We keep piling on the miles in the FLRC Challenge! The Black Diamond Trail course is our first to exceed 2000 miles, and the Tortoise & Hare course just ticked over 1000 miles, thanks in large part to Aaron King, who recorded four efforts on the course last Sunday. Plenty of the rest of our overall miles have come from our Most Miles competitors—after Pete Kresock took the lead last week and Bob Walters came back to a neck-and-neck tie, Bob has now pulled ahead again by 32 miles.

Please come hang out with your fellow @Challengers at the FLRC Annual Picnic on Thursday, August 26th at 5 PM at Upper Buttermilk State Park. It’s free and Fitnell Farms Catering will be making pulled pork tacos and smoked chicken thighs, along with mac-and-cheese, sweet corn, broccoli pesto salad, and coleslaw (the last three are vegan). Please RSVP soon, preferably by Monday so we can order enough food. We’ll have Challenge stickers for everyone, acknowledge our Challenge finishers, and present the first few FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge awards to Jesse Canfield, Pete Kresock, and anyone else who completes all ten courses in 24 hours by then. (But don’t worry, everyone who completes the 100K Ultra Challenge will get one eventually.)

Congrats this week to Sten Anderson, who ran Pseudo Skunk Cabbage today to become the 27th finisher of the FLRC Challenge and qualify for his medal. I keep expecting the floodgates to open any day now, given that we have 19 people with either 8 or 9 courses completed. I blame the weather—once we get into some cool fall temperatures, the completions will kick in.

Finally, please keep uploading selfies and other photos to our shared FLRC Challenge album. Thanks to Michelle Woods and Crosby Woods for these photos of Crosby with the lawn sign and the two of them at the Frolic course.

See you at the picnic, if not beforehand at the track meet on August 17th!

Bright and early mornings at the Waterfront Trail bring a lot of guest appearances!


I am so impressed that you saw a muskrat/otter/whatsit. And that you were able to get a photo.

@tonya I think it was a mink! It was ahead of me on the bridge and then doubled back to pass me. Didn’t want to jump off into the water I guess.