Week #4 Recap

We’re officially one month into the FLRC Challenge now, and we have collectively run more than 1000 miles so far. The Challenge will take place over a bit more than 10 months this year, so if we were to run the same number of miles each month, we’d exceed 10,000 miles as a group. But with more runners, more courses, and better weather—all of which are coming—could we do 20,000 miles? 30,000?

We’re up to 110 registered runners, and I’m especially pleased to welcome one of FLRC’s elders—Joe Reynolds, who joins Deb Bliss on the @Splendid-70s team. Just eight more runners and they’ll have a full team. A big welcome also to Catriona Breen, co-president of the Cornell Running Club—it’s great to have her and other Cornell undergrads joining us. Any Ithaca College or TC3 students out there who want to play too?

The overall competitions continue to seesaw, with Pete Kresock temporarily nabbing the top spot for both Most Miles and Most Points. His points lead probably won’t hold, but his 112 miles will be hard to catch unless Heather Cobb or Aaron King can put in some big weeks or other ultrarunners join soon. In the women’s points competition, Gabrielle Woo and Caitlin Loehr are neck-and-neck, separated by just 2.5 points out of 500, but Caitlin is well in front in the Age Grade competition, with Bob Walters in second.

The new Cornell Botanic Gardens and Waterfront Trail courses saw a lot of action over the week. On the Newman Arboretum loop, Jullien Flynn (16:20) and Adam Pacheck (13:26) set some tough standards, while Caitlin Loehr (22:56) and Rich Heffron (18:58) did the same down at Stewart Park.

No one has submitted a result for the South Hill Rec Way yet today, but in just a few days, the Black Diamond Trail has attracted six efforts—look to see that explode this weekend. Other folks new to the leaderboard this week include Anngel Delaney, Amara Gerarden, Klaas Van Wijk, Kristin Blake, Matthew Minnig, Jean-Luc Jannink, Gretchen Gilbert, and Philip Gabler. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone’s first run or notable effort, and please post if you have a particularly good or amusing run.

In the team competition, the @Thundering-30s continue to lead, but the @Fabulous-50s have now pulled into a second-place tie with the @Terrific-20s, followed fairly closely by the @Super-60s. The @Fantastic-40s need to do some more recruiting and more running—get your 40-something friends to sign up!

Have a great weekend of running on the six courses now open!

I’ll update you periodically with how many miles each of my kids have “run”. So far we’ve done the Waterfront x 3 and arboretum x 2, for a total of 14.1 miles. They don’t get to register though until they’re out of their jogging stroller!

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