Week #6 of 19 2024 Recap

It was a somewhat quiet week in the FLRC Challenge, but there are two new names to watch on the leaderboard. 2022 winner and 2023 runner-up Nora McIver-Sheridan has run seven courses so far and is sporting a perfect 700-point score in Most Points for women, whereas Adrian Haws has run eight courses for a total of 793 points. No one has ever recorded a perfect score for Most Points, with Adam Pacheck coming the closest in 2021 with 987 points.

Two more finishers claimed their medals this week, with Tristan Lambert and Bill Blessing knocking off their final courses and ensuring that the Completions page goes to 11. Adrian Haws, Matt Clark, and Jane Cogger could take advantage of nice weather this weekend to notch their final two courses.

The purple FLRC Challenge shirts are in! If you ordered one, the best way to get it is to come to one of our FLRC Challenge group runs (like Lindsay-Parsons this Sunday) or my Tuesday night workouts at Stewart Park. You’re also welcome to swing by my house—just get in touch to find a good time. We have a few extra shirts available, so if you want one, order one on the FLRC online store soon. It will talk about store pickup, but you can get it from me like everyone else.

Photos of the week go to Bill Blessing for the most enthusiastic evidence of why I called it Valley Views.

To Caitlin Loehr, who makes new Challenge friends every week—Melanie Smee on FH Fox this time.

And to Peter Frazier for the Japanese goat that he met after running the most far-flung Sweet 1600 of the year in Okinawa, 7417 miles from Ithaca.

Don’t miss our group run on Sunday at Lindsay-Parsons—the trails will be easier and more fun to navigate with friends. See you then!