Week #8 of 19 2024 Recap

It’s almost the weekend, @Challengers, and it’s time to put in some more miles! If you missed the announcement, the FH Fox course has been re-opened after the potentially rabid coyote warning, but the Tompkins Health Department is still recommending caution.

The top of the leaderboard is heating up. This week, Patrick Milano ran a 4:51 Sweet 1600 and a 17:04 Twilight 5K that he submitted for Lakefront Loops to regain the lead in Most Points, and Peter Frazier nudged Tristan Lambert down a slot to move into third for Most Points. Patrick’s times were good enough to boost his Age Grade percentage by over 2 points (which is huge), but that wasn’t sufficient to keep Peter from taking the lead there, too.

After last week’s drought, four people finished their final course this week to claim their medals. Congrats to David Cutter, currently our oldest finisher at 62, Bill Begeal and Elizabeth Rechtin, who ran most of the courses together and bolstered the Fabulous 50s team score, and Peter Frazier, who’s currently the MVP for the Fantastic 40s team.

It’s time to check in on who wants to win course signs. Remember, the person who runs the most times on a particular course wins that sign at the end of the Challenge. Six of the courses are close, but these four less so:

  • Sweet 1600: Patrick Milano is likely to claim the specially created Sweet 1600 sign again this year since he’s at 46 runs so far, ahead of Paula Klaben’s 25.
  • Duck Trails: Mik Kern has been regularly chasing the birds on Duck Trails, logging 31 completions so far, well ahead of Melissa Wallace’s 10.
  • FH Fox: Dirk Swart loves FH Fox, and while the coyote closure slowed him down a bit, he has still run it 11 times, with Melissa Plank in second with 6.
  • Treman Trailipop: Pete Kresock is leading Treman Trailipop with 9 completions, but Rebecca Lambert is close behind with 7.

Photos of the week go to Aaron King, for racing the Belle Sherman 5K (good for a Lakefront Loops completion) dressed as one of the Kens from the Barbie movie.

And to Hank Duarte, for looking thoroughly happy after getting somewhat lost at Lindsay-Parsons.

We have a few upcoming events of interest:

Until next week, keep covering the ground!