XC workout Tuesday 10/3 at 5:45 PM — new time! — at the Cornell Botanic Gardens

With the encroaching darkness, we’re moving the workout start time up by 15 minutes this week, so please meet at 5:45 PM with a warmup start time of 6:00 PM at the parking area in the bowl of the F. R. Newman Arboretum in the Cornell Botanic Gardens (Google Maps pin). After our lunge matrix, leg swings, and 10 minutes of warmup jogging, we’ll reconvene down by the Nut Grove on the eastern (Caldwell Road) side of things to start the workout.

In preparation for our hilly race at TC3 on October 22, I’ve come up with a grassy loop workout that’s aimed at helping your climbing endurance and your downhill form/comfort. One key to doing well on hilly courses—and staying safe—is to be confident about running quickly downhill. The more you brake downhills, the more likely you are to slip or trip, and the slower you’ll go.

So we’re going to start about halfway up Arboretum Road under the trees, run up to the stop sign, turn right, and then come back down on the other side of the trees along the unmown field. Both the uphill and downhill are meant to be quick—a little faster than I pace or 5K race pace. The uphill should feel uncomfortable and the downhill should feel fast such that you’re breathing hard at the bottom. Most people should aim for 8 reps, though those who have more weekly mileage can go for 10 and anyone who’s super tired from Sunday’s race can limit it to 6.

The U-shaped course is about 400m, and recoveries will be jogging further down the field for an equal time rest. So if it takes you 2 minutes to make the loop, jog down for 1 minute and back for 1 minute so you’re ready to start again after 2 minutes of rest.

Everyone is welcome at these workouts, though you must sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver once for 2023 and, if you’re coming regularly, be an FLRC member. You don’t have to run PGXC—the workouts are great social running on their own—but we’ll try to recruit you.

Any questions? See you Tuesday night!