Backstretch Bingo Day 17: Holiday Movie

Holiday Movie: Some day when you don’t want to venture outside, watch a holiday movie while working out. What was your guilty pleasure?

Backstretch Bingo is a hybrid online/in-person activity that gives runners a way to engage with one another and keep their running fresh during the dark days of December—the veritable backstretch of the year.

I was able to connect to Netflix while on the treadmill at Island Health & Fitness, so I watched a bit of one of my favorite holiday movies :movie_camera: Notting Hill!


Listened to an x-mas carols list on one earbud, for my 21-minute WFT workout along Floral Ave.
The pathway was really quite clear of the recent yuk.
We must choose the iphone list of fav x-mas carols by this time of year because the radio repeats of dumb old crap is so annoying!

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Time (more than weather) put me on the treadmill yesterday and I watched the first half of last year’s Netflix release Single All the Way. Not a Christmas movie or romcom person in general, but not terrible. I may even finish it during my next TM easy run :santa:

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I am a sucker for cheesy holiday movies while on the treadmill. I finished “Something From Tiffany’s” and it was definitely better than the standard Hallmark holiday film. Charming cast, New York City shots, romance, and a surprising twist!

And with that, I have BINGO!