Backstretch Bingo Day 20: Ugly Sweater

Ugly Sweater: Wear an ugly holiday sweater and run where people will see you. Who will have the ugliest sweater?

Backstretch Bingo is a hybrid online/in-person activity that gives runners a way to engage with one another and keep their running fresh during the dark days of December—the veritable backstretch of the year.

We did pacing practice through the Dryden village in ugly sweaters! It was an experience!


Ugly sweater run through village of dryden! The little jingle bells on mine was good for cadence lol


And i got another bingo!


Hello from Italy! :it: I decided to fight the jet lag with a little evening run in my village, Cameri (in solidarity with the merry crew snowshoeing at Hammond Hill tonight!). I paired up my ugly holiday sweater with the fabulous Tracer2 performance safety visibility vest that @gumbywhale was sporting on the Jim Schug Trail (thanks for sending the info to Ben! He got me the vest as an early Christmas present :gift:).

I ran to the main square that was all lit up for the holidays and got complimented on the outfit. They told me that I was a “human Christmas tree” :christmas_tree: and that I perfectly matched the square decorations :rofl:

Third bingo for me!


I ran in my very favorite ugly sweater and then FORGOT to take a selfie in it! In lieu, I present this portrait of the sweater enjoying a warm bath. This may be the first time I’ve washed it in 10 years of loyal service:


Long run today in my ugly sweater for 2 more bingos! Thanks so much, @lizhartman for another fun event!