Backstretch Bingo Day 24: Podcast Run

Podcast Run: Listen to a running podcast while you run and report back on your choice of podcasts.

Backstretch Bingo is a hybrid online/in-person activity that gives runners a way to engage with one another and keep their running fresh during the dark days of December—the veritable backstretch of the year.

Today we are traveling to Orvieto, my grandma’s town, so I went on a quick morning run before leaving. I wanted to listen to something running-related. I tried the Women’s Running Podcast:

It was quite relaxing. If you have any good recommendations for podcasts about running and marathon prepping, I am all ears!

One more bingo for me! And just one remaining activity for tomorrow :wink:


Wearing many layers I went on a run to the East Hill Recway mile (in good shape) and listened to the Spotify podcast “22 goals” episode about Pelé’s youth up to his remarkable performance in the 1958 World Cup as a 17 year old. This is a video showing how he scored one of his goals in the 58 final vs Sweden: Pele Goal | Brazil v Sweden | 1958 FIFA World Cup Final - YouTube


This is one of my favorite podcasts, and I only listen to it when I run. With that, I have a Bingo!