FLRC Challenge Group Run Saturday 7/23 @ 8:30am - Lick Brook & Treman Half Marathon

As mentioned earlier in the summer, many @Challengers have been intimidated by the the Lick Brook & Treman FLT half marathon course. It’s daunting to be sure, but you have now trained on both sides, and this weekend it’s time to tackle the entire thing!

If you have already completed this course for the Challenge, or you just want to join us for a group run, you are welcome to run just a section.

Hiking is encouraged – allowing more time to take in the beautiful waterfalls – so gather some friends to make the time pass faster!

On to the details for this Saturday. We’ll meet at the Finger Lakes Trail parking lot at 8:30 AM and start running at 8:45 AM. I will be acting as a mobile aid station at the King Road turn around (mile ~2) and Woodard Road crossing (miles 9 and 11), offering ice cold water and salty foods. The start/finish parking lot will serve as your own aid station to take a break, fuel up, and gird your loins for the second section.

It’s going to be hot. I will have lots of water and snacks, but please bring more than you think you need.

Please vote in the poll below so others can get a sense of who else will be running/hiking their pace. We always have a wide range of participants, so you’ll generally find someone to run/hike with. (Use your road pace.)

Pace Poll
  • Sub-8:00-minute pace
  • 8:00-9:00-minute pace
  • 9:00-10:00-minute pace
  • 10:00-11:00-minute pace
  • 11:00-12:00-minute pace
  • 12:00-13:00-minute pace
  • 13:00-minute+ pace
  • I will be hiking

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Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, ability, pace, or anything else. This is a free activity; neither club membership nor registration for the FLRC Challenge is required. If you are not registered for the FLRC Challenge, you must sign the group run waiver. You only need to sign the waiver once for all 2022 group runs, so if you’ve already done so, you’re all set! (Check Webscorer to verify that you signed.)

Let’s be inclusive and fight climate change by carpooling. Vote if you need a ride or can give one, and post a reply with pickup possibilities.
  • I need a ride
  • I can give a ride

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If you have questions or are interested in volunteering as a greeter/host for similar group runs, contact FLRC Group Run director Heather Cobb (cobb.heather.m@gmail.com). See you Saturday!

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I’m starting to worry about how hot it will be on Saturday (90s!!!) and was thinking of trying to start earlier. Would anyone be interested in meeting around 7:30 instead?

I wouldn’t mind starting at 7:30. I ran 3 miles at 6 a.m. today and even that was pretty brutal.

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Just wanted to share my experience on the course. An earlier start makes sense.

I completed Lick Brook Treman on 7/12, starting around 3 pm. According to my Garmin, it was 84 degrees but breezy. I don’t think it was very humid. I don’t like the heat but didn’t find this to be too bad. I hiked a lot of it, jogged some of it. I consumed 3 liters of fluids.

Good luck to everyone tackling this course tomorrow!

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Thanks for sharing your experience @SarahG, that’s really helpful to know! I will bring SO much water!

Sounds good to me! Thanks!

@Iris, @DanVerderosa, I think I’ll join you at 7:30 if you’re up for doing the short Lick Brook side first. I’m probably only up for running that 4 mile chunk, so if I run that with you, I can say hello to the rest of the crew at 8:30 after we make it back to the parking area and you continue on. If my ankle is feeling OK, I might hike the long side on my own afterward.

Sounds perfect! I was thinking it made sense to do that part first, since the Treman side will (hopefully) be a little cooler as the temps rise in the am.

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Sounds good. See you all at 7:30

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I think I will also start at 7:30 - the heat and my pasty Britishness don’t mix terribly well :slight_smile:

I’ll be going at a slower pace than you other early starters (prob 11:00-12:00, with some hiking on the steep hills), but it’ll be good to know there’s others on the course at the same time. See you tomorrow!


Diana I’m about that pace and would like to join the early starters. I’ll look for you in the parking area if you want to tackle this together!


I think I will join the 7:30 crew also. Anything to beat the heat … even if just a few degrees!


I have been putting this course off for a while now and like the idea of starting early to avoid the heat- I’ll plan to start at 7:30 as well.


Sounds great! See you there :+1:

Since many participants will be starting at 7:30, I will meet everyone starting then and at 8:30. Early starters will get a bag of chips to enjoy on the trail or when they’re finished. Later starters will get their bag of chips after they’re done. I will stash water at the Woodard road crossing for the early starters - exact location will be provided in the morning. It will be chilled but not cold. I will leave a garbage bag for you to put your empty bottles into - don’t litter please!

See everyone in the morning.


Wow, thanks @heathercobb3!!!

The temperature was a nice 65° at 7:30am when most of the group run participants started the longest and most daunting course of this year’s Challenge. It quickly climbed and by the time I headed home at 11:30 it was well over 95°. I am in awe at everyone who pushed through the heat to a successful finish, with several who completed their 10th Challenge course today to learn their medals.

Not pictured: @KimJ, @mwoods and her son, @Katie_Gannon, @lizhartman, and Jilene Demont.


Thanks so much to everyone who ran today - it was so great to have a group to get through it with! And extra thanks to @heathercobb3 for the water, snacks, and general encouragement!


@heathercobb3 deserves huge kudos for going above and beyond basic organizing to provide multiple water stops for everyone who tackled this tough course in the heat! I loved seeing all the groups that ran together.