Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 2 begins Monday, 11/27

Managed to find the last few items! First, on yesterday’s walk found some holiday lights along with my favorite Christmas decor: retrofitted Halloween decor.

Then on today’s run, which I thought I’d timed perfectly to avoid the rain and was played for a fool, I checked off both FLRC gear (plus a bonus hill):

AND, after a week of fruitless searching and finding penguins, several common songbirds, and even a flamingo, I FINALLY found a chicken, and it is even festive!!

Really enjoyed this scavenger hunt!


Hill and a friend! Double sharing for both Jess daily and myself.

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A threefer! Running with friends, one friend has a finger lakes race t-shirt on, and there are holiday lights above our heads on the post.

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ok. chickens were found in many forms here. There is a chicken house with chickens hiding inside. Because they were too “chicken” to come out in the rain. (note it was a steady rain during the whole run today). Then we have the distant ancestor of the chicken, the ancient big foot chicken from the age of the dinosaur. Remember, our birds today have evolved from Dinos… And we also have here a sign with a chicken, pig, and cow on it. Just for good measure.

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This one is a picture of the holiday lights on my hill. Snyder Hill Road. Which I ran up on my run Thursday. A twofer! Holiday lights on my Hill that I run far too often!

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I left from my home in downtown Ithaca to run around Fall Creek in search of backyard chickens. I found none, but I did come across this impressively lit horse on the Commons:

Not having managed to locate any live & active chickens, I made my way to a place where I know plenty of chicken gets sold, Silo food truck on Green St. And the chicken is not just fried, it’s also painted:

I still needed my hill and I live at the base of South Hill, so to end my run I went up S Cayuga to South Hill Terrace and took this shot of the slope, which deserves its own ‘Steep Grades in Ithaca’ sign:


There are hundreds of items in my home with the FLRC logo on them, and here I am wearing one of them before a run.

I set out in the rain this morning (with friends @Sandy and @caroline-brockner) to find a chicken and although we probably ran past lots of chickens who were smart enough to stay in out of the rain, we did finally find a sign with a chicken on it. I put in two photos—one showing the farm-in-rain atmosphere and one with an arrow pointing at the chicken.

Earlier this week, I ran up a hill and enjoyed the view from the top.

Finally, for lights, this week I found joy.


Having just scanned the posts, I realise I spotted the same backyard chicken as @caitlin-loehr ! He was definitely clucking ‘La Marseillaise’ as I ran past…

A twofer from this morning - my FLRC headband and my running companion Parkin (I tried to match my facial expression to hers…):

A very wet hill from the Arboretum:

And lastly some holiday lights struggling against this morning’s gloom…


  1. I’ve been told, they’re actually chicken…

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must go up

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belated post of FLRC gear …. weather defeated rest of photo ops


I am truly amazed at how creative and enthusiastic you all have been! Out of the 18 participants for week 2, 13 of you found all five items! You are listed below, but this week’s race director’s choice is @Chermoni for a very stoned chicken.


The above participants, plus Cheryl, will have their names entered into the drawing at the end of the event. Your name can be entered more than once, so check out week 3’s items and keep posting!

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.