Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 2 begins Sunday, 11/29

The first week of FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt was so much fun! Be sure you post your items by Saturday - winners will be announced on Sunday.

Are we ready for Week 2?! From Sunday to Saturday (11/29 - 12/5), find as many of these items as you can while out on your walk, run, or hike.

  1. FLRC logo, apparel, or race shirt
  2. Holiday lights
  3. Flag
  4. Hens/chickens (bonus point if they’re French)
  5. Run with a friend/family member (a dog counts)
  6. Photo with a hill you just ran up (or down)

Once you find your item, take a selfie or picture and post it on this thread. Remember, for every item that you post, you get one point. The runner(s) with the most points will be entered into the swag drawing at the end of the event. And, while 6 might seem to be the weekly high score, remember that the race director (that’s me!) can award extra points based on particularly creative or artistic photos, or those that get lots of “likes” here on the forum. (The race director also has a soft spot for cookies, but you didn’t hear that from me…)

Your creativity in Week 1 was stellar, and I can’t wait to see what everyone finds this week! Happy hunting!

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Well, this was a productive day; bonus is that I can leave my phone at home the rest of the week:

FLRC Winter Chill shirt.
Neighborhood holiday lights at the chicken house (see below; and note that the quackers and cluckers are quiet after dark).
Pink surveyor flag marking the trail.
Fowl at the neighbors’ house with the holiday lights; they also have a plump of ducks, which are quite the quackers.
My partner in running and in life.
Most days I run both up and down this hill at least once by the time I’m headed for home.


I used that same shirt for my FLRC logo item!

Love this shirt, though the snowflake is a bit inappropriate today!

What goes down… must go back up!


So many houses decorate on my street, it was hard to pick just one!


Thanks for the raining day experience! I decided to use a different FLRC apparel, the hat was perfect for keeping the rain out of my eyes! Sad flag in the background: no wind but lots of rain. The photo doesn’t do the hill justice. Ran down to the marina and then back up to the main office at Sampson State Park as part of this run. No hunters out today.


My little running buddy (just across the front yard - he’s not into longer distances yet!)

a flag!

I’m in good company with this shirt!

Holiday lights!

A hill on Coddington road that I don’t usually get to go up - it’s further out than my normal route :slight_smile:

A bit hard to see, but there are a duck and a chicken in the background here!


Flag and lights; my companion, Ubu/Turkey Hill/FLRCompany logo; and chickens all in 3 photos


Today’s run was rim to rim at Taughannock, rocking the 2018 FLRC Trail Circuit shirt and slogging up a few good hills.


Three days left to find your items for Week 2! Love all the pictures posted so far, keep 'em coming!

We runners love our dogs! Look what we found: A stuffed chicken toy!
Took it home and kept it.


One of my best pals, Rama.


Not sure which came first but I’m sure they are French.


FLRC logos, and a hill I am running down, thank



Scavenger hunt run part 1 with Sandy. A friend, a flag and some FLRC apparel. Then a little hill.


Scavenger hunt run part 2 with Burdock. A friend, some holiday lights and the hat! It was cold so the chickens were in their coop already. Squint and you can see them!


I managed three pieces of FLRC apparel!

And this is a hella steep hill on the back of our pond.


No extra points for more than one piece of FLRC apparel - nice try though! :rofl:

Shabbat candles, the weekly holiday lights.

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#4 Chicken in Collegetown!

#1, 2, 5: FLRC gear (more broadly defined), holiday lights, and my relay teammate.

#6: More of a gentle slope, no? :grimacing:

#3 Flag at the top of the crane.