FLRC Group Run on April 17th on the Tortoise & Hare route

FLRC is restarting group runs, and to help introduce people to the FLRC Challenge and help those already in the Challenge with their efforts, we’ll be moving them around to various FLRC Challenge courses.

April 17th’s FLRC Challenge run will be on the Tortoise & Hare course and hosted by Mickie Jauquet. https://fingerlakesrunners.org/challenge/tortoise-and-hare/ in Buttermilk Falls State Park. We’ll meet at the lower level entrance next to the Falls. There might be a fee to park in the parking lots. You could park at the shops near and jog over to the meeting place. We’ll meet at 8:30 AM and start running at 8:45 AM. If you want to run more afterward, you’re welcome to do so—many people may wish to do the course twice to notch two efforts for the FLRC Challenge leaderboard !

Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, ability, pace, or anything else. This is a free activity, neither club membership nor registration for the FLRC Challenge is required, but if you are not signed up for the FLRC Challenge, you must sign an online waiver . You only need to sign this waiver once for all 2021 group runs.

Please bring a mask for wearing whenever you’re not running and maintain at least 6 feet of distance whenever possible. We’ll be adhering to the FLRC COVID-19 Recommendations.

If you have questions, or if you might be interested in volunteering as a greeter/host for future runs, contact FLRC Group Run director, Heather Cobb, at cobb.heather.m@gmail.com.


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Thanks, Mickie! It does look like there would be a parking fee. This page says that it’s $9 and is collected from April 1st through November 30th from 6 AM to 6:30 PM daily.


However the old Coldstone Creamery building just a few hundred meters down the road toward Ithaca is vacant, so there should be no problem parking there.

Thank you Mickie for hosting while I am out of town! I am kind of sad to be missing it!

If you plan on running this course more than a handful of times, I would also suggest the purchase of an annual Empire Pass. Costs to get into State Parks can add up, and the Empire Pass also allows entry into other State Parks.

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Looks like a 1-year Empire Pass costs $80, and you can get it either in person or online. Details at:

(And I’ll note that from my conversations with the NYS Parks and Department of Environmental Conservation people, I heard that their budgets from the state are pretty minimal, so things like the Empire Pass are a way of supporting our state parks.)

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Lovely to see everyone at the FLRC Challenge group run through the Tortoise & Hare course!