FLRC Group Run on the FLT Saturday 7/9 @ 8:30am - New Start Location!

The next Saturday FLRC group run is this Saturday, 7/9, to tackle the 9.5-mile Treman Finger Lakes Trail side of the FLRC Challenge Lick Brook & Treman FLT half marathon course. @veritymo will be hosting us for post-run snacks (scones and watermelon!). Her house is about a quarter mile from the trail head, which you can park at if you don’t mind the extra mileage. If parking at the trail head, meander back to Verity’s after the run, 54 Woodard Road. The house is at the end of a long drive way shared with number 72 - look out for the grey parcel hutch at the top of the drive.

We will meet at 8:30am at the trail head on Woodard Road and begin running at 8:45am, taking the FLT north toward the Treman Event Center. Once you reach the turn around sign, head back the way you came, cross Woodard Road, and continue on the FLT through Treman State Park to the Finger Lakes Trail parking lot, where the start/finish sign is located. Stop for a moment to soak your feet in the brook, eat some chocolate, and then go back to Woodard Road. RunGo directions will work, even though you are not starting at the official start of the course.

If you’re feeling spunky, you may also run the entire course. If you’re not feeling up to the full 9.5, the shorter options are out and back north to the turn around sign, or out and back south to the parking lot.

Please vote in the poll below so others can get a sense of who else will be running/hiking their pace. We always have a wide range of participants, so you’ll generally find someone to run/hike with. (Use your road pace.)

Pace Poll
  • Sub-8:00-minute pace
  • 8:00-9:00-minute pace
  • 9:00-10:00-minute pace
  • 10:00-11:00-minute pace
  • 11:00-12:00-minute pace
  • 12:00-13:00-minute pace
  • 13:00-minute+ pace
  • I will be hiking

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Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, ability, pace, or anything else. This is a free activity; neither club membership nor registration for the FLRC Challenge is required. If you are not registered for the FLRC Challenge, you must sign the group run waiver. You only need to sign the waiver once for all 2022 group runs, so if you’ve already done so, you’re all set! (Check Webscorer to verify that you signed.)

Let’s be inclusive and fight climate change by carpooling. Vote if you need a ride or can give one, and post a reply with pickup possibilities.
  • I can give a ride
  • I need a ride

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If you have questions or are interested in volunteering as a greeter/host for similar group runs, contact FLRC Group Run director Heather Cobb (cobb.heather.m@gmail.com). See you Saturday!

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Tonya and I will be coming from Ellis Hollow, so we can pick one or two people up on the way through Ithaca. We will be staying to hang out at Verity’s place after, so if you want to head home again right away, we can see if someone else leaving early can give you a ride back.

If I did the Lick Brook side before the group run and then meet the group at the Woodard trail head for the rest, does that count as one attempt? I was hoping to maximize the time I have company. Plus scones!

Melissa, according to the rules:

Segments Are Fine: You may also run a course in multiple segments as part of a longer run. For instance, you could start in Cass Park, run the first half of the Inlet Shore Trail course, remembering your split time, head over to Stewart Park for some more miles, and then come back to finish off the Inlet Shore Trail course. Three caveats: it’s up to you to keep track of your times, segment-based runs won’t be accepted for fastest times, and all segment-based runs must be completed in the same overall session.

Adam can confirm though.

Sure thing. It’s a little weird due to the driving up to Woodard Road to meet the group after doing the first segment, but it’s still within the spirit of the rules—you’ll be covering the ground. And it’s very unlikely it would be a fastest time.

Yeah, we’ll see how motivated I am. I had been planning to do Lick Brook first, thinking the run would start from the Finger Lakes Trail parking lot like last time, but perhaps I will just add on Lick Brook from the regular group start. I am not expecting a fast time either way!

Melissa, I’m planning to log the entire course as well by knocking out Lick Brook earlier. This probably means an early start with enough cushion to get to the “second start” so I’m guessing 7:45 am at the trail head. You’re welcome to join me or just know someone else is also doing the piecemeal version! The last time I logged the course the Lick Brook section was my slowest pace so 10+ min per mile.

Hey thanks, John! I’ll let you know if I can join at 7:45. I suspect you’re a bit faster than me, but maybe I’ll see you out there.

Does anyone when live near Newark NY, that can give me a ride to the group run this Saturday???

I am planning to run from the Woodard Road trailhead to the north and back, but not to do the entire “Treman” leg of the course. I might try to start 15 minutes early so I can make it back in time to socialize more at Verity’s. It is a big “challenge” for me to be able to do the entire Lick Brook/Treman course, and I am not yet ready for the entire Treman leg. I am looking forward to checking out this trail, since I’ve (probably) never seen it before!

It’s all about the scones. :yum:

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I need to be home before 9:30 am on Saturday, so will be doing an early morning 10 miler through the Treman Rim Trail and FLT before ending at the Woodard Rd trailhead to say goodbye to the group before heading out. We are moving away from Ithaca next week! :frowning:

@veritymo - would it be ok if I parked at your place early, around 7 am? We’ll try to be quiet and head out on the run right away to avoid waking anyone up.


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I am also in the group planning to run the entire course Saturday. Depending on how many faster people there are, I could just start early from Woodard, or plan like Melissa and John to drive to the top after running the bottom. definitely looking forward to the scones!


@Dave_K I’d start early from Woodard. Are you familiar with the course? I haven’t run it before.

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@Charlie_Hale, I know the FLT from the top of Treman down to 13, and I’ve hiked Lick Brook several year ago. from Woodard to the turn around will be new for me, but I expect it to be well marked. I think we’ll need an extra 40 minutes, so if we start around 8:00 we should finish with the group.

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Hi Gabby, that’s fine! Thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks Heather! @rogermoseley and I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. I’ll join you for the first leg of the Treman course and then head back home to make sure we have enough scones for everyone!!! (Still recovering from the Finger Lakes 50s last weekend…)


I said before that I was planning to do just the part of the course that is north of the Woodard Road trailhead, but that is because I was confused about which “trailhead” was a quarter mile from Verity’s house. So, I am planning to run from the Woodard Road trailhead to the FLRC course start sign (near Route 13) and back, which should be a challenging 6+ miles. @KimJ

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@Dave_K sounds good! I’ll plan to meet you at the Woodard trailhead at 8.

Okay, Tonya, thanks for the heads-up. I still plan on joining you.