Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 4 begins Monday, 12/11

Week three of FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt comes to a close tomorrow! Be sure you post your items by the end of the day–winners will be announced on Monday in the week three thread.

Are we ready for Week 4?! From Monday to Sunday (12/11–12/17), find as many of these items as you can while out on your walk, run, or hike.

  1. Garbage/recycling can
  2. Run by a body of water (lake, river/creek, waterfall, ocean)
  3. Geese (bonus point if they’re a-laying)
  4. Mailbox (especially if it’s decorated or unusual!)
  5. Run in an ugly holiday sweater–join us for the Ugly Sweater Group Run on Saturday

Once you find your item, take a selfie or picture and post it on this thread. Remember, for every selfie or picture of one of these items that you post, you get one point. The runner(s) with the most points will be entered into the swag drawing at the end of the event. And, while five might seem to be the high score, I as the omnipotent race director get to award extra points based on particularly creative or artistic photos, or those that get lots of “likes” here on the Forum. Sucking up to the race director doesn’t hurt either. (I like cookies! Specifically chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, for those who have asked…)


Out for a run along Floral Avenue. Check out the new bridge over the inlet. (Not quite finished). Then found this bike mailbox, but it was tough to get anywhere on it. Here are some geese being put up by Bob C. Came upon this recycling dumpster, maybe it’s time to recycled me. Lastly, my wife texted me and said to RUN out to
Wegmans, where the cashier had this, not too ugly sweater.


Odd day to have off but so wonderfully sunny :sunglasses: decided to do a long run at Dryden Lake (Jim Schug trail)
To my surprise I got 4 out of 5. Nearly missed the mailbox because I was lost in my audiobook :sweat_smile: and stared at the bird a long time to determine if it was a goose or a duck :rofl: it’s a goose I promise.


Found the biggest of garbage cans. Plus a body of water, complete with geese, and a decorated mailbox.


@amy-dawson and I went out for a short run after work today, hoping to get some geese before it got dark. We have before-and-after pictures of our recycling and trash (grateful for that!), and the sights and sounds of geese practicing for their migration. If the video plays, it’s a wonderful sound. The creek is upper Taughannock Creek, just a half mile from our house, and then we found a festive mailbox. Greenery is festive, right?


I’m in New Mexico this week for work so the body of water was hard to come by. But today’s run passed this Frank Lloyd Wright-esque house with a geometric mailbox:

The park next door has a garbage can inside a pretty handsome metal box:

And up the street was a house with this terra cotta goose outside:

Last, not a scavenger item but have some mountains:


All within a quarter mile from my house on Tuesday’s run. No ugly sweater yet.

Geese on the fly. I heard them honking, but by the time I had my mittens off & phone on, they were almost out of view.

Then 100 yards further on, I came upon this goose by my neighbor’s mailbox.

The whole run was alongside this musical creek. It looks better without me in the pic.


I enjoy seeing your face in the pictures, Deborah! Thank you for sharing!

Ugly sweater on a gorgeous day

In town and

Out on the farm

A typical country Sighting


And here’s my final submission for this week! What a fun run today, thank you so much!


Longest run in a long time, with friends in ugly sweaters. Last submission for the week! Thanks for organizing today, Heather!


Here’s my sweater, but it’s beautiful, not ugly, and it has a beautiful story behind it. 35 years ago, as I was sorting out the details of starting my own business, a neighbor gave me a bag of some leftover wool yarns, assorted colors. I made a plan for these stripes hoping I would have enough of each color to finish the pattern. Knitting it was a distraction from worrying if my new business would work out or not. I was able to finish the sweater maintaining the pattern, without having 2 feet left of any of the colors. For some reason, using magical thinking I’m sure, that reassured me that the business would all come together too, which it did.
In some regards, life is a crap shoot.
I have worn the sweater a lot for xc skiing, but it’s too warm to run in. Today I put it on for a short walk.


Thursday rowing and running on Ithaca College Campus. Geese a walkin back and forth across the road. There are no wild geese a laying this time of year! That is a spring activity. Plus, my neighbors awesome mailbox in Madison on Sunday. They change the swan’s outfit seasonally.

Garbage cans

Two bodies of water were ran by during the group run on Saturday: a waterfall and Cayuga Lake.

The item specifies “geese” but unfortunately I only found this lone goose at Dryden Lake.

A very festive mailbox.

On the left, wearing my ugly sweater with a few of my friends during the group run.


Retention pond in Owen Conservation park, one of my favorite places to run in the neighborhood here and nearby recycling bin both in Madison WI!

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Found on various walks & runs this week:

Dumpster selfie!

Passed a plethora of creeks/inlets this week, here is one:

Finding a decorated mailbox took longer than expected, but found one finally

Took a walk in this christmas sweater; here I am before heading out!

Now the goose I was having absolutely no luck with for the entire week. For one last attempt, I took today’s run through the downtown & Fall Creek neighborhoods hoping for a goose among the porch decor. Alas, I was not successful. Resigned, I headed back to where I parked. I crossed over one last bridge and startled some waterfowl. I thought I’d gotten lucky and snapped a photo…

…before realizing they were ducks. Just in case, I followed them up the creek a bit, and came across a ton more waterfowl. Success???

Nope; every one was a duck.

I was foiled by the fowl this week, but the bright spot was my close inspection of every mallard in this group led to one cool non-mallard find, which I believe is a female common merganser!(?)

Continuing to enjoy how this scavenger hunt is now merging running and birding!!


Up close and personal with my one and only Christmas sweater. I took it out for my hike today just for you cupcake!


Taking a “hike” through the White House this morning, I stumbled across this mailbox. Please also note the only holiday sweater I own.

And a body of water with some geese.

But maybe this is better, from Ottawa earlier in the week, a decorative mailbox, and some geese.

And a garbage can spotted on my morning run in Virginia yesterday.


I’m now in northern Arizona so bodies of water and opportunities to wear sweaters are few and far between. I did wear this festive hat walking in Petrified Forest National Park yesterday:

The body of water is pretty out of the question because I am now in the high desert! But these buttes were formed from the ancient seafloor:


Geese & water combo above :point_up:t4: