Week #17 of 18 2023 Recap

We’re coming down to the wire, @Challengers, with just 2 days left—Webscorer will stop accepting results at 11:59 PM on August 13. There are only two major leaderboard categories with some room for motion. In Most Miles, which Caitlin Loehr led for most of the season, Pete Kresock came roaring back, and thanks to his second(!) FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge completion of the year and a bunch of Lakefront Loops today, has taken a nearly 50-mile lead. In Most Points for men, Patrick Milano would seem to have first place sewn up, but Mik Kern and Jay Hubisz have a chance to displace Damian Clemons and possibly Andy Klepack.

Sadly for my @Fabulous-50s, the @Fantastic-40s also appear to have the Team Points in the bag. Two weeks ago, we got within 8 points, but despite our concerted efforts, the point spread kept increasing and is now up to 22. That’s the third year in a row the @Fabulous-50s have taken second—just wait for 2024!

The other hotly contested competition is for Most Runs on Blueberry Patch. Jilene Demont ran it today to take the lead from Pete Kresock, but Damian Clemons and Banyan Love are just two runs back. Who will take that sign home?

We have many more completions this week. Congrats to James Dean, David Cutter, Bill Thibault, Diana Hackett, Joesene Soto, Michael Allinger, Courtney Pure, Tatyana Brown, Sarah Ridenour, Anne Shakespeare, Gretchen Gilbert, Banyan Love, Julie Cooper, Keith Eggleston, Kyle Reynolds, Debby Reynolds, Trista Thorn, Joette Foster, and Jessica Daily! Thanks to a quick tweak of the Completions page by Steve Desmond to include Personal Challenge completions, you can see that we’re now at 75 finishers. 15 people have just one course to go, and another 11 have two.

All those completions have goosed our weekly mileage numbers above 1,000 and propelled our overall stats past 12,000 total miles. Nice work!

Snazzy FLRC Challenge shirts are still available for just $20, so if you’d like one, you can order online and pick it up from me at an FLRC race, workout, or group run, or at the picnic. This second shipment is true to size in the men’s/straight style, so that’s available now if the slim fit of the first shipment is too small. The shirts are light and comfortable—perfect for summer running.

Speaking the FLRC Annual Picnic on August 24, please continue to RSVP so we can plan food. We have 107 people registered now, and we’re planning food for 145. Do come to pick up your completion medals, shirts, and course signs, and receive the acclaim you deserve! (I could use a few more volunteers to hand out medals and shirts and manage the swap table too.)

Our final FLRC Challenge group run of the year will be tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM at the Freeville Town Hall, so if you still need the Dryden Lake Lollipop course, join us! Heather Cobb will have mid-run water, and we’ll regroup for watermelon and bagels afterward.

2 more days left! Get those courses logged, and if you think you finished but aren’t appear on the Completions page, check your Athlete Page (click your name anywhere) to see which course is missing and repost it from Webscorer.

Photos of the week go to Julie Cooper, finishing her first ever 1600m, Andrea Lachance for documenting a parkrun in Boston, Patrick Milano for showing what was probably his slowest Challenge completion of the year, and Iris Packman for not letting the cows out. (Loving the snazzy grid layout on the website!)